Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hug a clerk week

For those of you who are LDS you know that the calling of a clerk is like no other. Or maybe you don't. Usually a clerk is someone who is quiet and who goes unnoticed. They do their work out of the spot light. Well let me tell you, there is nothing more intense than being a clerk. I am declaring this week hug a clerk week. Since January I have been district clerk, it has been a very intense experience. Serving in the church is a wonderful experience. I've felt the Lord bless me in my service many times. But as Mike Buck once said, the Lord can't bless idiots (or something along those lines). Today I was the idiot.

According to the church, the district clerk has the following areas of responsibility: trainer, administrator, record keeper and problem solver. In Estonia the district clerk is also the delivery boy. All the copies of the Book of Mormon and Liahonas, and other goods run through me. Usually the shipping company delivers them to the church then I ship the Liahonas to the other cities. Usually the copies of the Book of Mormon also come to the church and the missionaries get them from there. Today I made a big mistake. Sometimes I get sick of going to the church (like today) So I told them to just bring the shipment here, I thought there would be three packages but there turned out to be many more (9 boxes)! I haven't figured out how to get all the BOMs out of here yet, but I think I will get the missionaries to help me take them to their teaching center which is only a small walk away. It takes about 40 min to get to the church, so that option is out!

So the next time you people go to church ask who the clerk is and give him a hug, he might need it.

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