Monday, May 16, 2011

Eurovision winners!

Well Eurovision was great. This was the third Eurovision I have watched together with Maris. Estonia's Getter Jaani had a great song but did not win, she got second to last! That was a shocker, but what can you do. So here are the songs.

For some the links I am doing the link to the music video, not the performance because the sound is better. Here is Estonia:

The winner this year was Azerbaijan, it was an ok song but not our favorite. Next year the Eurovision contest will be held in Azerbaijan.

These were the two songs that I liked, they were kind of crazy.
Ireland: this one starts after 45 seconds

Moldova: Moldova reminds me of Diskoteka Avaria, a Russian pop band.

Sweden was pretty catchy, it got third:

Denmark had a good song:

France had a beautiful song, not really the style for Eurovision but it was so beautiful:

Here are three songs that did not make the finals but were good:




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