Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back in business!

So as you have noticed I have been offline for about 2 months. My computer was broken so I took it in to get it fixed, well I got it back the other day and it works! But the funny thing is that they did not fix it. They tried to repair the motherboard, then replace it and they said none of it worked, now it works almost fine. Pretty weird. Anyway that whole process took over 2 months because they kept ordering parts from abroad. But I am happy to be back blogging. When I got my broken computer back and it started up just fine I have to tell you it was the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. It was a little miracle. Let me tell you about the other 2 miracles that happened to me yesterday.

Miracle number 2 was going home teaching and getting locked out of the car, the key chain battery died so we couldn't get back in the car, the locks were frozen so the key wouldn't open the door either. After a short prayer and a trip back to the guy who we home teach we were able to get a replacement battery, he just happened to have the exact type of battery in an old computer he was not using. This was no AA battery, it was one of the circle ones you find in a watch. Talk about my lucky day!

As if two miracles were not enough I found out that Derron Williams got traded to the Nets! That is not the miracle part, I had just proposed that trade to my buddy Edgar the day before! It all started with the Carmello Anthony trade. D-Will would probably leave in 2012, he was probably the main reason Jerry Sloan quit on us and our team was in 8th place in the West. I wanted him out. I didn't propose the exact trade that happened but it was close. We got rid of D-Will and in return we got Derrick Favors, Deven Harris and 2 future first round draft picks plus 3 million cash. The first round picks will most likely be high ones too, not too shabby I say. I would even wager that we still make the playoffs this year.

I will try to post some more blogs in the upcoming days.