Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and a boat load of snow!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in Estonia. We had a Thanksgiving lunch because I had class at night and Maris had class in the late afternoon. Maris made a fantastic cheesecake, we even found some Turkey at Stockmans! They really do not eat a lot of Turkey here. They eat a lot of pork. Everything is going great for us we are grateful for our families, our health, the gospel and the chance to be going to school here in Tallinn. Life is great. After Thanksgiving it started snowing and it hasn't stopped. We have about a foot right now and it is still snowing!! It is total madness. Winter is here and it won't be gone until April!

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  1. snow!!! I'll have to show that picture to the kids. and that pie looked really yummy. glad you guys still had a thanksgiving. we went over to our friends house on saturday to celebrate.