Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tallinn with Mom and Dad!

This week was a great one, Mom and Dad came to visit! They are now in Belgium, it was sad to see them go. This was their third trip to Estonia, I was worried that there wouldn't be anything interesting for them to see but we found lots of fun things to do and see! This is the view from our apartment! This is also the hotel where Mom and Dad stayed at for the second part of their stay in Estonia.

This is one of my favorite restaurants, Lido. It is a Latvian restaurant and it has great food and an incredible selection. They had cute decorations all over.

We went to the song festival grounds where every five years they have the song festival, it was empty this time but it was still nice to go see it.
We checked out the botanical gardens, half of it was closed but the half that was open was nice.

This is the Pirita convent, I had the chance to go here as a missionary but I passed it up, since then I have always wanted to go. This place was pretty cool, we were the only ones there that day.

Of course old town never gets old. We found a lot of the good lookout platforms.

Out of all the cool things we did the best was just to spend time together. After Tallinn we took a trip to Southern Estonia which will be the next blog entry! Stay tuned.

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