Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a great weekend

This has been a great weekend so far! The last three weekends were filled with church activities, conferences temple trip and so on. This week there is nothing! It is very nice to have a free Saturday. Last night we went to a children's musical Nukitsamees, which is translated as "Bumpy" It is about two kids who get lost in the woods, an old witch/ogre/troll/nasty lady with horns kidnaps them and takes them back to her witch/ogre/troll/nasty person home where they have to do slave labor and watch the witch/ogre/troll/nasty baby, also with horns. They finally are able to escape, but they decide to take the witch/ogre/troll/nasty baby with them. When they get home they are happy to be in their ideal family situation where they are loved, they then show that love to the witch/ogre/troll nasty baby and he turns into a real kid, losing his horns. It was a good message about love and families. The concert building was right by our house. Today I am getting caught up on school work and anxiously awaiting the 49er game tomorrow night. Some of you were wondering about the last blog entry, well they lost that game... and the next one. That means they have to win this week right??
Here is a youtube clip of one of the songs from the musical.

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