Saturday, October 2, 2010

The state of the 49ers

This off season brought hope to 49er fans across the world, all the experts chose the 49ers to win the NFC West, we had continuity on offense, a stellar defense, in short nothing could stop us. Every other team in the division was in a rebuilding mode. Going 4-0 in the preseason only supported that hope.

Oh how long ago that was. The off season was also filled with doubt casting events that did not seem significant at the time. The GM left/was fired for personal reasons, he was replaced from within. This was before the draft and the draft went well, so no need to panic. A former first round pick who was buried on the depth chart stopped coming to practice and then was traded for next to nothing to a division rival. Then a 2nd year player retired due to religious convictions, interesting considering that we have the most religious head coach in football. Mike Singletary always wears a large wooden cross around his neck. The season started and we quickly went 0-3, getting blown out twice by crappy teams. The game plans were terrible, the execution just as bad. The offensive coordinator was fired. He was replaced by the QB coach. Now our starting strong safety is asking for his release. He is upset over the way the team has approached him about his role with the team. The plan was to slowly work some younger players into the lineup, he didn't like that and didn't like how the team approached him about it.

The team is now in Atlanta ready to play a very good team tomorrow in the most important game of the year. If the 49ers lose they will be more than just 0-4, they will have self imploded, lost their mojo, quit, tuned out from the coaching staff or however you want to call it. The players that have already quit will look like the smart ones and more may follow. However in sports nothing can compare to the miracle of winning. Winning can cure everything, any bad relationship, any confidence issue, anything can be cured, or at least put on the back burner. If the 49ers go and beat a better team on the road the new offensive coordinator will be a genius, Singletary will again be the great motivator and the 49ers will be contenders in a weak division.

If there ever was a make or break game this is it. Good luck 49ers, you will need it.

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