Monday, August 2, 2010


So I now live in Tallinn. We moved on Saturday and everything went well. Church was great on Sunday. Today has been nice, Maris's cousin came over for family night which was a lot of fun. I love living in Tallinn! It is beautiful and exciting, there is nowhere I would rather be. Wednesday we are heading home to visit! We are very excited.

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  1. Hi Matthew,
    This might seem like a strange place to contact you on, but I requested some information from Uni Tartu about Americans who have done the Masters in European Union/Russian studies program and they gave me your blog address. I was looking into starting the program next fall (2011) and was wondering what information you could provide about what it was like doing the program as an American. I lived in Tartu as an exchange student a few years back, but I had some questions about doing a 2 year Master's program. Like how difficult was it compared to American universities, how did you arrange housing, were you able to get any loans in the US to pay for it? Any information you could send me would be great. You can contact me at Thanks!

    Kristen Moorefield