Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toy Museum

We all know that the Soviets were not good at making cars, tractors, or fostering agricultural growth. It turns out that the Soviets weren't any good at making toys either!
This guy was way creepy

Maris is beautiful.

The last thing on my list of things to do in Tartu before moving to Tallinn was go to the Toy Museum. There are always tons of museums in Estonia, most of them are pretty good. There was a KGB one that I would recommend, but in general I don't get out to museums very often, almost never. So I figured that I had to go to the Toy Museum before I left. It turned out to be fantastic! It was very big and they had lots of cool stuff in there. Most of the stuff was old Soviet toys, so a lot of it wasn't familiar to me, but toys are all pretty similar, trains and space stuff for boys, dolls for girls. Here are some pictures.

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