Friday, July 16, 2010


As most of you know I finished my masters here at Tartu last month, life has been in limbo for a while but today I got some good news! I got accepted into my PHD program at the University of Tallinn. Some months ago I applied to a lot of jobs and got a lot of rejections. The good jobs I was looking at wanted a PHD or a Masters plus lots of work experience. I think the PHD program will give me a lot of skills that will be valuable in the future. The main goal is to become a scholar not just a student. The PHD would be in Political Science, my supervisor is from Finland and is fantastic. My dissertation will be on Russia's energy transit policy in the Baltic Sea region. Maris will be getting her Masters at Tallinn to become a teacher, so things all worked out very well. We really feel that our prayers have been answered. We are both excited for a new challenge and a change of scenery.

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