Monday, July 12, 2010

Small world

We had visitors yesterday! Uncle Randy and Aunt Kelly came to Tallinn on a Baltic cruise. We went out to lunch and enjoyed the beauties of Old Town! It would have been nice to have more time but what can you do. I haven't been to the family reunion for a while so I can't even remember the last time I got to see them. If anyone else wants to come visit us just let us know! Estonia is beautiful! We also got to go to church in Tallinn, it was nice to see some of the members there. Then Maris had an admissions interview at the University of Tallinn, she stepped up to the plate and hit a home run! She has been accepted to both the University of Tartu and the University of Tallinn. She is a superstar in the making! I have my interview on Thursday, hopefully it will go well. Check back next week for more updates. I know it isn't as exciting as when Lebron James was making his choice where to go, but it is still kind of exciting right!?

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