Wednesday, June 2, 2010

White Nights

Life has never been better. I handed in my MA thesis on the May 31st and I turned in my PHD application on June 1st. We'll have to wait until July to see what the future holds. Right now life is fantastic. Summer is starting and I think it will be a good one! I de-cluttered the apartment today. I took all my books back to the library, an organized the huge stack of papers that had accumulated through out the semester. Maris took her books back a while ago, so my stack was the last to go! June will be a very nice month. It is starting to get light here very early. Here is a picture from May 31st at 3:52 AM Nothing is prettier than the sun rises here. The longest day of the year is June 23rd. I will have more time to blog now and I will keep you updated on the magical summer! It will be hard to beat last summer (Japan, trip with Bryant to Sweden and Romania, trip home, and the Estonian summer song festival) but we will give it a try! This week I have some friends coming to visit from Germany, we studied here in 2005 together and we will go to the new Miley Cyrus movie! Not a bad start eh?

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