Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Tõrva and Beyond!

We recently got back from our Tõrva trip. We were pretty busy at the end of the semester so it was time to go visit Maris's family. We had a nice time and we even got to barbecue lots of meat! Estonians love to grill pork, there is lots of good meat in the stores this time of year. We don't have a chance to grill at our apartment, so we have to take advantage of the grilling chances we get. There were also lots of mosquitoes, but we had some OFF with us so we were fine. Here is a map to show where we went. Maris's grandma lives in Tõrva, her Dad and cousin lives in Linna and her mom lives in karjatnurme. They are the three places we visited, and are the three dots in the red circle if you can see it on the map.

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