Sunday, June 13, 2010

Peace for my soul, trans fat for my belly

We just got back from the temple last night! It was fantastic. We left for Tallinn Thursday night, we met up with Stela who sold books with Maris in Ohio a few years back. Then early Friday morning we went to Espoo Finland to the temple. It was a great experience, very peaceful very nice. The people there are always so nice. I saw a girl there who went to the same branch as me when I was living in St. Petersburg 4 years ago, she is now going on a mission to Samara! I didn't recognize her at first but it was nice to see her and it was great to see that she was going on a mission. After the temple we ate at McDonald's, I haven't eaten there forever. I got a quarter pounder with cheese! It was fantastic. In Finland they also sell lots of good stuff that you can't get in Estonia, we got chocolate frosted mini doughnuts. Saturday was the seminary/institute graduation in Tallinn. After that we went to the Kompressor and ate pancakes. All in all it was a great trip where I felt peace in my soul and trans fat in my belly. I can't think of a better weekend!

Here is a picture of the boat we took to Helsinki.


  1. You need all that fat, my love.

    Aga mina lähen paksuks ja koledaks nagu kõik abikaasad. Sest milleks enam vaeva näha - mees on käes! Muahahaaaa!

  2. yeah for kompressor!! that place was awesome.