Sunday, June 6, 2010

Elder Scott is the real deal!

Yesterday there was a church leadership training meeting for the Baltics, Ukraine, Bulgaria and most of Russia. Elder Scott gave most of the training, which was located in Kiev. We watched it over the Internet. Elder Scott gave lots of good teaching, and good insight. He also explained why he always stares into people's eyes and right into the camera! Most people know that as his trademark. He does it because his wife once taught him to look people in the eyes when he was talking to them. The best part of the meeting was his testimony "Jesus Christ is a living, glorified, resurrected being of perfect love. He knows you perfectly. He lives. I can say that with total authority, knowing that it is true because I know him." When I heard this I felt the holy spirit hit me like a lightning bolt! This man really does know the savior. Everyone knows about the savior, but do we know him? That is a good question for all of us to think about.

Some interesting facts about Elder Richard G. Scott:

1. He was born in Pocatello Idaho in 1928

2. Served a mission in Uruguay

3. Graduated from George Washington University in mechanical engineering

4. He was a nuclear engineer, who worked on nuclear fuel for nuclear submarines.

5. His wife died in 1995
6. He was called to be an apostle in 1988

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