Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aura Keskus

So the defense of my thesis did not go so well, they didn't like my thesis as much as I did. Friday was a downer, the good news is that I finished my program! I have a MA in EU-Russian studies from the University of Tartu. It was too bad to end on a low note, but it happened at BYU too. I guess I am getting used to it. Saturday we went to the Aura Keskus, one of my favorite places in Tartu. It is a small water park, we got free passes as a wedding present. It was nice to relax in the hot tubs, and in the saunas. They had 3 different types, a typical Finnish sauna (85 Celsius) a Turkey Sauna (65 Celsius) and an aroma sauna which had Japanese herbs as the aroma (45 Celsius) Monday we are going to a spa for a few days to celebrate our graduation, it turns out that it is on the same day as my graduation ceremony, so I won't be able to attend. But I didn't attend my BYU graduation either, so I'm starting to see a pattern. But it is nice to be done with another step in life and a new one will be starting soon. We're not sure what it will be but we hope it will be good! Today in church President Dance talked about having faith and not fear. It felt like he was talking right to me.


  1. Hey, congratulations on your MA!!! And the students only go to the university graduations if they don't have anything better to do anyway.. so there's your excuse ;)

  2. hey! so sorry about your thesis. spas sound like fun. hope you have a great time. congratulations on being done!! it's a great feeling.