Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Helsinki Temple

Most of you know we got married in the LDS Helsinki Temple. It is actually located in Espoo, but the Espoo Temple doesn't sound as good. It was built in 2006 and is gorgeous. In Temples people are married for time and all eternity, not just until death. It was a great experience. In the room where the ceremony took place there were two mirrors and when you look in them you can see forever, it was a good visual reminder that now I will get to be with magus Maris forever!!! This was a picture from our first time to the Helsinki Temple, this was March 2009, almost exactly a year before our wedding. We went with many other members from Estonia. Maris got baptised only 2 days before.
This is a picture taken in July, we also visited the Temple together. This time we knew we were going to be married and we booked the temple for March.

This is a picture from the same July trip. Maris is so nunnu! The temple is really beautiful in the summer, the grounds all around are green and gorgeous.

This was the temple on the day of our wedding! It was still beautiful with all the white snow around. It was a bit cold, but the wedding took place inside! So that was great. After all it is love that makes a wedding beautiful not the weather.

For more information about the Helsinki temple you can go to this website.

I got married!

As most of you know I got married about a month ago! It was fantastic, I thought I would put some pictures up. You may have seen them on facebook or on my sister's blog. My brother in-law Ryan did the wedding pictures and they turned out great! Thank you Ryan.

I love this picture of Maris, she looks like an angel with the little kids around her! We had so much fun with Emily, Trent and Jacob.

Here is a good picture of everyone who came to the wedding, it was great to see everyone there.

This is us coming out of the temple right after the ceremony, look how beautiful we are!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Porto de Mogan

This will be the last post about the honeymoon. We went to a small port city about 20 miles away from where we were staying at. It was a really cool place we went on a yellow submarine ride there!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Palmito's Park

We went to Palmito's Park during the honeymoon and it was great! They had lots of animals and plants, and some crazy shows! A birds of prey show, a dolphin show, and a parrot show. This was one of our favorite places we went.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ville Del Conde

We stayed at the Ville Del Conde, it was a nice hotel that looked like a Spanish village. The reception building looked just like a catholic cathedral! The beach was a little bit of a walk away, but luckily they had a fake beach there so we could lay out in the sun. Most of the guests there were German and old, a good self esteem boost when we were tanning.

Gran Canaria!

We had a great time on our honeymoon, Gran Canaria was fantastic, very warm and sunny. Here are some pictures with more on the way.


Ahoy! The wedding was great, it was nice to see everyone. It sounds like everyone had a good time traveling around as well. We really enjoyed seeing everyone at church the week before the wedding in Tartu, Lynne played the piano so well and Dad gave a great talk. We don't have any wedding pictures yet but we will be putting them up shortly. What we do have is honeymoon pictures!!! We went to the Gran Canaria and got back to Tartu Monday night. We had a great ime. We are now back in the thick of things busy with school and everything else.