Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I hope ya know, we had a cold time

This is turning out to be a record setting winter here in Estonia, global warming decided to take a vacation and the cold is brutal. The most incredible part is not how cold it is, but that it is so cold for so long. The cold came while we were home for the holidays and it is still here, and it doesn't look like it will be leaving any time soon. Sunday morning it was minus 29 Celsius (minus 20 F) Yesterday it warmed up a lot to minus 10, then today it is back to minus 20. If the sky is clear that means it is super cold, if it is cloudy then it is usually warmer. Today there isn't a cloud in the sky. The winter of 2002-2003 was the last super cold winter, but it was only a two week span that it was monstrously cold, we are now talking about months of cold. I added a little weather feed on the blog so you can always see what the weather is like here in Tartu. On the positive side of things I get to see the sun a lot, and I am still alive. Actually it has been a very beautiful winter, lots of snow and sunshine, most winters are very dark and cloudy. Here is a link to a news article talking about all the deaths in Europe this year due to the cold.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I went to Tallinn on Friday to get an marriage affidavit from the US embassy, while I was there I went to my favorite restaurant Kompressor! They have the best pancakes there! I think the family will go there when they come out for the wedding. I also went in the new shopping mall Solari and they had a Lido restaurant!! It is the best restaurant in Latvia! They also still had the big Christmas tree up in the town square.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jazz game

We also went to a VIP dinner before the game it was awesome!

Millsap is my favorite player!

We made it back to Estonia, it was great to be home and spend time with the family. But we left with a bang! For Christmas I got tickets to a Jazz game on row 2!!! which was actually row 3, but it was incredible, they were the soft fold up chairs right by the court, not the hard plastic ones. Normally they don't even sell those to the public, but somehow we found ourselves sitting there! They played Memphis and killed them!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Water Aerobics!

Last week we all went to the pool for some early morning water aerobics!! The pool has a bubble over it in the winter time, it was my first time under the bubble! The water was warm and water aerobics was a lot of fun. Who ever thought a bunch of old ladies in a pool could be more fun than a barrel of monkeys?! Luckily for us the teacher didn't show up, Mom helped teach the class with another water aerobics lady.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Going to church here in Twin Falls is always a treat, it is always fun to see old friends. The chapel was gorgeous. It was the week after Christmas so the Bishop called on college aged kids who were visiting home to share their testimonies, I got called on to share what the church was like in Estonia, it was a good experience. When I got up to the pulpit I noticed that there were almost a million people there! It was crazy, I am used to about 35 people at church. The building was very beautiful and it was a great week at church. The best part was how gorgeous Maris looked, she was so pretty I had to take a picture.