Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's blog time!!

As I looked out the window a deep sorrow came over me, a fresh snowfall had blanketed everything in sight. A slight wind would make the rather mild temperature seem cold and within a few hours my feet would be wet with slush. To think that all those people in California and Arizona will never see snow is almost more than I can bare. Yes I woke up today to another day in paradise, another day to be lived in the magical city of Tartu. I realized today that my life is too glorious to be kept to myself, too fricking fantastic to not share with others. And so my friends I have started the blog. Not a blog that I will use as a journal, or a blog to make my mother happy, but a blog to make the world a better place by telling them about how great my life is. Yes this is a blog of celebration. A blog of the marvelous adventures of Matthew Crandall. Enjoy!

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