Monday, November 30, 2009

Estonian food

I love Estonian food. It is simple and beautiful. Estonia is known for its amazing dairy! Here is a picture of some of my favorites! On the left you can see two bags of Piim that is milk. Milk comes in a bag!! Once it is opened you have to keep it in a pitcher so it doesn't spill everywhere. It also comes in a carton, but it is way cheaper by the bag. If you buy the cheap brand in a bag it comes out to $2.16 a gallon, it would be cheaper with a stronger dollar. The milk is 2.5% fat and it tastes amazing!

Next you see a blue bag of Hapukoor, that is the sour cream, I love it! I put it everywhere. It comes in 250g or 500 g bags, I always get the 500 g bag of course. I use it to make "hapukoor pasta" which is a cheap take off of mom's famous curly noodle casserole. It is pasta, ground beef, corn, an amazing spice mix called vegetta and lots of sour cream.

The yogurt here is also wonderful, it comes in a bag if you get the drinking yogurt or a carton if you get the normal yogurt. After the yogurt is the black bread! It took some getting used to, but I really like it now. The last item on the row is juice in a box! They don't have super sized packaging here, the biggest size of Juice you can buy is 2 L, the biggest size of Milk you can buy is 1.5 L but since I live alone that is OK for me.

On the front row you can see a "kohuke" which is a cheesecake log. It is covered in chocolate and has a cheesecake like filling, it is great. Then there is ice cream! Estonian ice cream is very good and more fluffy than American ice cream. The flavors can be interesting also, like green apple or pear.

Even after all the great food and wonderful dairy products I am staying skinny, I am just below 150 lbs, so just in case you were wondering no double chin just yet.

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  1. your apartment is really nice. I love it! for some reason I was picturing a hole in the wall. not sure why. and thanks for making a comment on my blog. I had forgotten your blog address and now I have a link.,